Selling your children’s clothes online with My Measure Mate

Baby grow

Do you have a loft or cupboard full of outgrown children’s/baby clothes or accessories?

With christmas fast approaching this is the perfect time to clear out some space and make some extra cash from your children’s old clothes.

Where do I start? 
There are many options available to sell your clothes online such as eBay and Gumtree.

In addition there are many child specific shops available, which include:

By making your postings informative and beautiful, a picture speaks 1000 words!

Which ever site you decide to sell your used children’s and baby clothes on you will want to ensure that you display them the best way possible.

My Measure Mate can help you do that.

Children’s clothes are notorious for being oddly sized, each brand can vary massively. By using My Measure Mate you can provide your customers with clear visual measurements. No more quibbling for returns if an item does not fit.

If you have a lot to sell and wanted to create more of a presence you could create your own dedicated baby clothes website using something like Shopify, see here

In addition you can use My Measure Mate as a backdrop so that you can showcase your items beautifully on a clean, white backdrop.

The mini mat is great for making an online store from your kitchen table!

Save yourself time and the hassle and give My Measure Mate a try today. 

Watch our how to video

My Measure Mate Accessory size is now available


At long last we have taken delivery of our accessory mat. This mat is ideal for those with limited floor space as this will fit easily on your kitchen table or worktop. Great for photographing small items such as jewellery, small ornaments and anything else with a maximum size of 500mm . Available to purchase in our shop with a special opening offer of £9.99. Don’t forget the mat doubles up as a photography backdrop on the opposite side.

If you are looking for something in between our standard size and accessory size check out the My Measure Mate Mini mat which will be available shortly.

View in the shop

The mat as a white backdrop


My Measure Mate is very versatile. Its primary use is as a measuring grid for online sellers to visually display the size and scale of their products.  However My Measure Mate can also be used for a couple of other things.

Optional use No 1: The underside of the mat is a clean crisp white. This can be used as a photography backdrop for online sellers wishing to photograph their items. The mat is made of a thick material so you won’t get creasing the way you would if you are using white sheet or duvet (typical options). It is also anti glare so you can use a flash. We would recommend setting up in a well lit room with overhead lighting. To photograph your products you can opt to place the mat flat on the floor and photograph from above or lay over a chair to create 3D space. In the future we hope to create a version that can be hung, in the meantime why not try using a trouser clip hanger to attach to the top of the mat and you can then hang over a door and use as a hanging backdrop. This one is from IKEA and is only 80p.

Optional use No 2: The grid side of the mat has a felt surface this means you can pin things agains’t it so it can be used for fabric cutting or dressmaking. If you have any other useful suggestions please do let us know.

We have lift off

My Measure Mate's own mascot - Lucy

Finally, the day to launch arrived. We had been holding off for our design registration and had confirmation our certificate is in the post, we were good to go! Basically that means there is nothing else like our product, which we knew, but it was good to get the official nod. After an afternoon spent tidying up the website, completing missing info and working out our strategy we were ready to press the button… Champagne on ice and mascot puppy Lucy suitably branded.. Facebook friends and twitter contacts here we go..

Measuring & care tips

  1. Roll out mat on a flat surface & smooth down edges
  2. Place item to be photographed on the edge of the metric or
  3. Imperial grid (see tips for measuring guide on the mat)
  4. Find best angle to capture the dimensions & take your photo
  5. Reverse mat for alternative plain white photography background

STORAGE – Roll to store to minimise crease or damage. Avoid long periods of direct sunlight.
CARE – Use soft hand held brush on felt side and soft damp cloth.
COMPOSITION – Felt 100% Polyester with Polymer coating.

The answer to online sellers listing problems


Certain that our MMM™ is the answer to online sellers listing problems and buoyed on by the positive response we received from everyone we had shared our idea with.. from our Patent Attorney to our Survey Monkey responses and our retired parents, we were confident we’ve found a solution to a problem, some sellers don’t even realise they have.

We have spent time researching listing steps; product display, scale and size misinterpretation are all key factors in the volume of online retailers purchase returns. Isobel read an article on Daniel Footwear’s returns issues where Jessica Hodkinson quoted return figures in excess of 30%.

That’s a lot of wasted postage (even if it is free, there is a cost to someone somewhere!)

We hope you agree, clearer display of scale will result in less misinterpretation and ultimately less returns.

Exciting progress in the MMM™ journey..


This week we finally had a life size prototype created after a long time searching the world (literally) for the perfect mat material and so, now the day of filming our How to video has arrived!

Great location at the Breadalbane Penthouse in Edinburgh, a big thank you to Craig Godfrey. Having spent some time in pre-production meetings with @partickularfilms we have a well organised schedule and manage to flow through it all with only a few re-takes.

Delighted at how good the mat looks on film and we hope the video helps e-commerce seller understand how to use the mat and how using will improve their online display!