Never disappoint your customer again

Are you an independant retailer or powerseller? This tool has been devloped to help you sell more effectively online.

Did you know analysts say anywhere between 25% and 50% of returns online is commonplace*.  This rate differs based on industry and location but many of these returns are due to size**.

By using My Measure Mate you can eliminate any misconception of size relating to your product. The unique patent pending design of the My Measure Mate allows you to display clearly your item on an imperial and/or metric grid simultaneously. Using My Measure Mate cuts out one step in the listing process as you no longer have to measure every angle or dimension of the product. Customers will be able to clearly see the dimensions of the product they are purchasing and therefore reduce any returns related to the wrong size.

Internet sales on mobile devices has increased massively. Using My Measure Mate helps users easily zoom in and out of an image with the pinch functionality to better understand the scale of your product.