The mat as a white backdrop


My Measure Mate is very versatile. Its primary use is as a measuring grid for online sellers to visually display the size and scale of their products.  However My Measure Mate can also be used for a couple of other things.

Optional use No 1: The underside of the mat is a clean crisp white. This can be used as a photography backdrop for online sellers wishing to photograph their items. The mat is made of a thick material so you won’t get creasing the way you would if you are using white sheet or duvet (typical options). It is also anti glare so you can use a flash. We would recommend setting up in a well lit room with overhead lighting. To photograph your products you can opt to place the mat flat on the floor and photograph from above or lay over a chair to create 3D space. In the future we hope to create a version that can be hung, in the meantime why not try using a trouser clip hanger to attach to the top of the mat and you can then hang over a door and use as a hanging backdrop. This one is from IKEA and is only 80p.

Optional use No 2: The grid side of the mat has a felt surface this means you can pin things agains’t it so it can be used for fabric cutting or dressmaking. If you have any other useful suggestions please do let us know.